Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device to the computer.
  2. Run the Charismathics Smart Security Interface application (If you do not have the program installed, clic thelink - [LINK] and download the "Installer for the system".)
  3. Go to the "Register" tab and check whicz version of the card od device you have
  4. If the name of one of the following devices appears in the field, it means that your device is not supported for security reasons and needs to be replaced:
    • CardOS V4.3
    • CardOS V4.4
    • CardOS V5.0
    • Oberthur ID-One Cosmo V7.0
  5. To renew the path online, place an order and in the order parameters, in the "Device" category, select -> "My devices require replacemnt" and indicate "Currently owned device" (so that we can provide you with a card in the right sizer or card with a reader).
  6. After submitting abd paying for the order, we will send you a confirmation ans a message conteining a link to the online form in wich you must provide the owner of the signature being renewed and other information.