1. Run the ECSigner Desktop certificate software on your computer.
  2. Sign in with the same login and password that were created for the account at https://portal.eurocert.pl/.

  1. After you sign in correctly, the ECSigner app can be minimilized (it will disappear from the taskbar). The application will run in the background until the computer is turned off or the application is manually closed.

  1. Launch SecureDoc  2.0 - the qualified signature creation program and start the signing process.
  2. Add the file to be signed and then press the „Sign files” button.

  1. Select the „Cryptographic device” option, then find the certificate with your data and press „OK"

       7. The application will now ask you to enter the authorization code (the OTP code).

  1. Launch the ECSigner mobile application, sign in with the PIN code you created and enter the generated OTP code. The OTP code is valid for 30 seconds and can only be used once. Afterwards another code is generated.

  2. After you correctly introduce the OTP code, the application will start a signing process.