Information and functional description - SecureDoc 2.0 [EN]

The process of submitting an electronic signature
After installing both applications (Cryptographic card application - Smart Security Interface and SecureDoc2), we can proceed to signing the files. Plea...
pon, 8 Sie, 2022 o 2:43 PO POŁUDNIU
How to check if your signature device is exchangeable? _EN
Follow the steps below: Connect your device to the computer. Run the Charismathics Smart Security Interface application (If you do not have the progra...
śr, 24 Lis, 2021 o 10:14 RANO
How to properly sign a given type of document?
SecureDoc 2.0 allows the user to sign documents in multiple ways. After running the application, user can change the signature format and other signature pa...
wt, 28 Lis, 2023 o 10:57 RANO