If you have already obtained a qualified signature and would like to start using it on your own computer, the following steps should be performed.

Step 1. Enter the Software section - https://eurocert.pl/en/oprogramowanie/

Step 2. Refer to the manuals for both applications on the page above, "Instructions" section.

Step 3. Download and install the necessary software.

We deliver our software for the following operating systems: Windows and Mac OS *.

  • Cryptographic card application
  • SecureDoc 2.0 application for document signing and verification

We recommend restarting your computer after installing the software.

Step 4. Connect the token to the computer.

Step 5. Register the certificate in the system according to the instructions (this step should be performed only on Windows operating systems).

  1. Start the Charismathics Smart Security Interface program and go to the "Register" tab.
  2. To register a certificate in the Windows certificate store - click the "Register" button. This operation is performed once for a given cryptographic card on a given computer.

* In the case of the Installer for MacOS systems, please contact us by e-mail at the following address: support@eurocert.pl