In the current version of the SecureDoc application ( it is possible to sign a PDF file with graphical representation. For this, PAdES signature format must be used. In older versions of SecureDoc, this feature is not available.

To sign PDF files with graphical representation, “Perform graphic signature when creating a signature in PAdES format” option must be enabled in „Settings” tab. Then the signature process will contain an additional step, in which the PDF file preview is displayed.

After clicking the rubberstamp icon and clicking on a particular place in the file, the graphical representation will be placed.


After clicking „Sign” button, the signature will be created. If there are more files in the queue for signing, these steps must be repeated. During the signature process only one graphical representation can be added on a given file.

When signing a lot of PDF files, user can add a graphical representation on the first file, then enable the „Apply to all files in the queue” option and then click “Sign” button. This way all files will be signed with the graphical representation in the same place.