Renewal [EN]

I wish to keep my original data in a renewable qualified signature
If you wish to keep your original data which remains unchanged. Please send us a following message in response to the e-mail you have received from us:  „...
czw, 16 Gru, 2021 o 8:58 RANO
I wish to change my data or add “Additional data” in a renewable qualified signature
If your personal data was changed (name, surname or identification number) or you want to add / remove / change company data included in the signature being...
pt, 11 mar, 2022 o 11:05 RANO
How to renew the certificate?
Full instructions for renewing a qualified signature can be found in the attachment: It is best to start the renewal process at least 7 days before the ...
śr, 27 mar, 2024 o 8:57 RANO