To change your data in a renewable qualified signature it must be additionally verified and approved. 


To do so please reply to a message you have received (email -> and attach a scan or a photo of your ID. The scan or a photo must be signed with your valid qualified signature (in any format), which you wish to renew. 


We need only some data from your ID. All the other data must be covered as shown below:

-> ID card

-> Passport

-> Certificate, residence card or other document issued by a Polish authority

If you have been issued a document by Polish authority (e.g. a certificate of assignment of a personal PESEL number to a foreigner) or a residence card and you wish to place e.g. your PESEL number in the certificate, please send a copy of that document. We need it to have access to information (your PESEL number), which otherwise is not present in your ID or passport, to place it in your certificate. 


Upon submitting an e-mail with the files, please wait up to 24h (Monday to Friday) for a response.


Upon verification of accuracy and compliance of the submitted data, you will receive our feedback. 


If the data is correct and sufficient our Registration Officer approves of your request and you will receive an e-mail with further instructions. If the data is incorrect our Registration Officer will contact you by phone or e-mail to clarify possible uncertainty. 


If the product you have purchased does not cover a supplement fee for confirmation and change of data in a renewable certificate, we will inform you by e-mail that you should pay that fee which is 50 PLN net.